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About Her

Grew Up... in a poor family. She grew up with her brother Taylor, her younger sister Carly, and her cousin Pete. Her parents died in a car crash when she was young, leaving them to grow up with their grandparents, Otto and Audrey Bernhardt. 

Living... with her two children and family on a farm in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Julia has been divorced twice, and her two children have two different fathers. 

Profession... working in the family business: bail bonds. Since her grandparents are older, they can’t do as much work as they used to do. That leaves Julia to chase down people who skip court and ensure that people pay their bails. Her grandmother Audrey doesn’t have faith in Julia that she can handle the family business, and Julia is determined to prove her wrong. 

Relationship status... single. She has had poor judgment in men, and they always seem to disappoint her including her second husband Lance who cheated on her. But despite that, Julia is having a hard time moving on. She got drunk and slept with Lance, and they’re seeing each other in secret so that their son Jacob doesn’t find out. They want to be careful in case things don’t work out again. 

Challenge... getting stressed out from her grandmother Audrey who can be quite cruel to her. But after her cousin Pete returned to the farm after twenty years of being away, Julia is starting to decompress a bit. Pete makes her laugh out loud, which she hasn’t done in a long time. 

Personality... cynical, humorous, and kind. Julia has become cynical after her multiple divorces and her parents’ untimely deaths. Deep down, though, she has a good heart. She is even kind to the criminals she deals with for work.  

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