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Juli Baker


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About Her

Overview… the day Juli Baker met Bryce Loski, she flipped. Head over heels. Since then, she hasn’t stopped pursuing him. She surreptitiously sniffs his watermelon-scented hair, asks him to hang out in her favorite sycamore tree, and sends his family eggs hatched from her own chickens. Bryce isn’t responsive to any of her advances, but Juli doesn’t care. She is determined to get her first kiss from him one way or another.

Personality… free-spirited and strong-willed. There are many people who find Juli Baker weird – Bryce, Mr. Loski, Garrett, Shelly Stalls, etc. Her obsession with the sycamore tree and her chickens perplexes most who meet her. But Juli changes for no one. She sticks to her beliefs and is totally comfortable in her own skin, even if it annoys most everyone else.   

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Juli Baker
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