Jules Van Patten
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Jules Van Patten

St. Elmo's Fire

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About Her

Grew Up… as daddy’s little girl. Her father, a serial divorcée, seems to be mostly responsible for her upbringing. And now that she’s becoming her own person, she has to find a way to make things work without daddy’s money.

Living… in a swanky apartment in Washington D.C. Her bedroom and living room – all pink – say a lot about her. She’s bubbly, unsubtle, and vivacious. The apartment’s interior mirrors her personality.

Profession… banker. Already advanced two months on salary, Jules is badly in need of money. After inheriting some from the death of her father’s second wife, Jules would be closer to getting out of the red, that is, if she didn’t have to pay for the funeral.

Interests… shopping, social status, and personal appearance. Jules is a material girl living in a material world. When she isn’t buying expensive, pretty things, she’s drinking with friends. To her, there’s no problem another shot can’t solve.

Relationship Status… involved with her boss, a situation she seems to have all figured out. She tells a disapproving friend: “So I bop him for a couple of years, get his job when he gets his hands caught in the vault, do a black mink ad, retire in utter disgrace, then write a best seller and be a fabulous host on my own talk show.”

Challenge… growing up and acting fiscally responsible. If the bestseller and talk show don’t pan out, she’ll need to self-arrest before she slides into the abyss of crippling financial debt.  

Personality… frivolous, but not really ditsy. Jules’ airhead façade is just that—a façade. She’s actually pretty smart and talented.

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