Jules Cobb
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Jules Cobb

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About Her

Grew up… too fast. Jules married her high school sweetheart Bobby Cobb and had her first son, Travis, in her early 20s. Most of her life has been spent caring for her son and her man-child of a husband.

Living… in in a spacious Florida house that feels even bigger now that she’s divorced from her high school sweetheart. Though Jules and her son Travis are the only two people who actually live there, the house is constantly full due to constant pop-ins from Jules’ friends, the “cul-de-sac crew.”

Profession… successful real estate agent. She makes good money and gets to work with her best friend, the young and wild Laurie.

Interests… wine and Travis. She’s involved in her son’s life to an unhealthy degree, frequently watching Travis sleep just for fun. An unapologetic wino, she drinks from her favorite giant glass whenever she’s within a few hundred yards of her house.

Relationship status… single and desperate to find someone. Now that her divorce is finalized, she’s ready to make up for lost time and pick up all the young men she missed out on in her 20s.

Challenge… finding love and adjusting to single life. Jules is on the wrong side of 40, has little experience dating, and is recently divorced. She’s not looking for another husband – after 18 years of being an overbearing mom, it’s time to cut loose. And the best part of cutting loose is finding someone to sleep next to. Add in her son Travis leaving for college and Jules suddenly has more freedom than she knows what to do with.

Personality… self-obsessed, neurotic, and talkative. Jules rubs some people the wrong way, but her kindness and sense of humor turn almost everyone she meets into a new friend. And since Jules hates to be alone, she’ll take all the friends she can get. An optimistic extrovert who can’t help but blurt out what’s on her mind, Jules tumbles through life on a tide of wine and laughter.

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