Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as a proud and confident rabbit in the big city of Zootopia after growing up in the rural area of Bunnyburrow. Zootopia is a huge metropolis and her boss is a giant buffalo, but while Judy may be small in size, her will and determination are as big as anyone’s.

Profession... cop who’s fresh out of the academy. Unfortunately, Police Chief Bogo doesn’t trust her to do tough detective work so she’s relegated to meter maid duty. What the Chief doesn’t realize, though, is that when Judy puts her mind to something, she succeeds. That means, illegal parkers of Zootopia: beware.

Interests… justice, standing up for the little guy, and making her parents proud.

Relationship Status... single. Judy’s work takes priority in her life, and in a tough new work environment, Judy could use a friend. When she runs into con-man fox Nick Wilde, she’d never guess that he becomes her best ally and closest friend.

Challenge... stopping the string of mammal aggression before it tears the city apart. First, though, she’ll have to convince her boss she can handle the case. When she’s approached to find a missing otter, her chief only gives her 48 hours and nowhere near enough resources. She’ll have to use her smarts, training, and a little help from her new friend Nick to solve this one.     

Personality... strong-willed, self-motivated, and endlessly optimistic. Judy believes the world is a great place and she can help it be even better. Even when she’s surrounded by cynicism and grim prognostications about the future of Zootopia, Judy never loses focus on the case in front of her. Lives are at stake and Judy won’t let politics, prejudice, or any lingering self-doubt get in her way.


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