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About Him

Overview… a Liverpool lad, raised across the pond by his mum. But his dad is in America – and doesn’t even know Jude exists. So Jude’s decided to go search for him. He travels to America and ends up settling down (illegally) in New York City. That might be enough excitement on its own, but it’s the 1960s, and Jude’s about to get swept up in everything that meant: art, hippies, love, drugs, and the horror of the Vietnam War.

Personality… artistic, fun, and thoughtful. In a lot of ways, Jude fits in perfectly with the hippies of New York. He’s an artist who loves an adventure and meeting new people. But he’s also cautious about the political fervor surrounding the anti-war movement. He might have to make a decision between following the ideals of his new friends, or sticking to a more practical course. Especially since he’s not supposed to be in America at all.

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