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Jude Quinn

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Overview… a ragged musician touring through London in the mid 1960s. Quinn, once a folk musician, has veered into playing music with an electric guitar and a backing band. His controversial change in style hasn’t won him many new fans – most of his acolytes have accused him of becoming a traitor. Constantly smoking cigarettes and making wisecracks at nosey, phony reporters, Jude doesn’t seem to believe in anything aside from his music.

Personality… witty, poetic, and slightly conceited. Jude doesn’t need to be told he’s a genius; he’s already sure of it. Despite his fans’ objections to his change in musical style he insists on remaining true to himself – though sometimes even Jude doesn’t seem to be sure of what his true self is. One minute he can be a saint, the next a sinner.

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Jude Quinn
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