Judah Rosenthal
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Judah Rosenthal

Crimes and Misdemeanors

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About Him

Grew Up… in a religious Jewish family. Brought up with the strict moral codes of the Old Testament, Judah has had religion hammered into his head since birth— though that doesn’t necessarily make him a righteous person.

Living… a secure family life. Judah's a wealthy ophthalmologist with a loving wife, Miriam. But despite how perfect everything seems, Judah is unhappy in his marriage, and has been for a while. He’s been having an affair with a flight attendant, which torments his conscience. But when he tries to break off with Dolores, she threatens to tell Miriam about his infidelity. Caught in a moral quandary, Judah has no idea how to escape.

Profession… ophthalmologist. Judah enjoys his work, especially because it allows him to help others. He aids people hard of sight, like Rabbi Ben, Judah's close friend and moral bedrock.

Interests… keeping things on an even keel. When Rabbi Ben suggests that Judah be honest with his wife, Judah opts to keep everything smooth by not telling her. Instead, he instead turns to his estranged tough guy brother for help.

Relationship Status… married. Miriam doesn't seem to have any idea that he's been cheating on her with Dolores, and Judah's ready to be worthy of her faith. However, he finds getting out of the affair even more difficult than getting into it.

Challenge… getting rid of Dolores while keeping his moral fiber intact. This proves to be very difficult because Judah sees no way out of the affair— he's tried every logical step in shaking off Dolores. The question becomes: how far will Judah’s moral compass allow him to go in keeping the image of his marriage intact.

Personality… conflicted and anxious. Judah seems to worry about his sins more than he commits them. He goes back and forth in terms of his religious beliefs, but overall, Judah is a god-fearing man. But it's another question whether this fear of God is enough to keep Judah.

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