Jud Crandall

Jud Crandall

    Pet Sematary
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a lifelong resident of Ludlow, Maine, who is passing his twilight years watching semi-trucks barrel down the highway in front of his house. His quiet life becomes a little more active when a new family, the Creeds, moves in across the road. After befriending Doctor Louis Creed, Jud takes the family into his confidence and reveals that the seemingly tranquil Maine landscape holds a dark and deadly secret– an ancient burial ground that has the power to reverse death itself.

Personality… gently, kindly, and wise. Jud Crandall is the iconic old man neighbor that anyone would be happy to know. He’s lived a long life and has seen a lot of everything– but nothing has prepared him for the occult horror brewing in the house across the road.


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