Joy Turner

Joy Turner

    My Name Is Earl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Pimmit Hills Trailer Park in rural Camden county with her second husband, Darnell, and her two children, Dodge and Earl Jr.

Profession... none. Joy doesn't have a job, and spends most of her time at home with her two rambunctious children. She is supported by Darnell who works as a chef at The Crab Shack. Whatever Darnell can’t provide, Joy is willing to lie, steal, and cheat to get.

Interests... herself. While Joy very, very occasionally expresses appreciation of her family, for the most part she believes that the world revolves around her. Hopelessly inconsiderate, and lacking even basic empathy, the materialistic Joy only cares about making her own life better.

Relationship Status... divorced and remarried. Joy was first married to Earl Hickey, whom she tricked into marriage so he could help her raise her first, out-of-wedlock child. Their relationship was dysfunctional, and Joy’s affairs eventually led to the birth of a second child that wasn’t Earl’s. After Earl was hit by a car, Joy left him in order to be with Darnell, the father of her second son. Joy is still the same selfish, cruel wife she always was – but in Darnell she seems to have finally found a man who is so easy-going that it hardly matters.

Challenge... getting her hands on half of Earl’s $100,000 lottery winnings, which she feels entitled to for “child-support,” even though neither of her children are Earl’s. Joy is constantly trying to scheme her way into more money, and with Earl’s recent run of luck, he’s the most obvious target.

Personality... rude, self-absorbed, and mean as a rattlesnake. Joy is reviled by almost the entirety of Camden County. Her inability to think of anyone else’s feelings, combined with her proclivity for getting into fights at the slightest provocation, make her a constant nuisance to almost everyone around her. The only people she expresses concern about are her two children, although even these displays of maternal decency are sporadic and undependable. Lacking a moral compass, Joy’s life is a series of short-sighted attempts to improve her material station.


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