Josh Wheeler

Josh Wheeler


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... proudly Canadian. But Josh’s world was shattered when his parents divorced and he moved with his mom to Glendale, California. As an average C student and a bit of a loner, Josh felt invisible in his new school.

Living... in the literal apocalypse. Everything changed when a nuclear bioweapon exploded during Glendale High’s homecoming game. It turned adults into zombie-like “ghoulies” and left the surviving kids to fend for themselves. But the apocalypse has its upsides. As Josh puts it, “The world is backwards, I just fit in way better now.”

Profession... survivalist. And Josh’s Canadian heritage makes him a pretty great one. While his fellow teen survivors formed clans like the Jocks, the Cheermazons, and the Disciples of Kardashia, Josh prefers to operate on his own. He’s created an impressive safe house, which he ultimately hopes to share with just one special someone. For now, however, Josh reluctantly agrees to team-up with jock-bully-turned-pacifist-samurai Wesley Fists and 10-year-old genius pyromaniac Angelica Green.

Interests... skateboarding, graffiti, and filtering his life through pop culture.

Relationship Status... totally in love with Sam Dean. Sam is the quirky, effortlessly cool British student who first showed Josh around Glendale High. He was instantly smitten and their friendship slowly blossomed into the ideal high school relationship—at least that’s how Josh remembers it.

Challenge... finding Sam. Josh hasn’t seen Sam since the apocalypse hit six months ago, although he found a note that let him know she survived. Now he’s determined to rescue her so they can start their pitch perfect post-apocalyptic life together.

Personality... sarcastic and irreverent, with a sneakily big heart. Josh thinks of himself as a loner, not a leader. He’s happiest when he has no one to look out for but himself. Yet Josh has a bigger heart than he lets on. Beneath his snarky exterior, he has the makings of a smart, compassionate hero. Unfortunately, Josh can often be his own worse enemy. He has a tendency to push people away just when he needs them the most.


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