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Josh Pfefferman


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About Him

Grew Up… in Los Angeles with his two sisters and father and mother. He had a very privileged upbringing – although being the middle child left him sometimes neglected, which contributed to his having an inappropriate relationship with his babysitter.

Living… in Los Angeles, near his family, in a shiny bachelor pad that’s as slick as he is.

Profession… music producer. Although he spends more time tweeting, partying, and sleeping with his singers than actually working in the office.

Interests…music, entertainment, pop culture, style – and sex. Lots and lots of sex with the many women in his life.

Relationship Status… usually single and playing the field. Right now he’s seeing Kaya, a singer in the pop duo Glitterish. She also happens to be one of his clients, and significantly younger than him, making the relationship a bit inappropriate.

Challenge… dealing with his suppressed feelings. And when his father comes out as a trans woman, there are some seriously unresolved daddy issues to deal with.

Personality… impulsive, immature, and sensitive. He hides his more vulnerable side under a harsher playboy persona, embodying an odd combination of both insecurity and confidence. Josh has commitment issues, and right now they’re standing in the way of him achieving what he really wants: love and security.

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