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Josh Lyman

The West Wing

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About Him

Grew up… in Westport, Conn. Josh is, in many ways, still a child at heart. Throughout his career in politics, he’s managed to retain his boyish irreverence and his love for the New York Mets.

Living… in Washington D.C. Josh spends most of his waking life in his office in the West Wing of The White House. That’s just how it is when you work for the President; your colleagues become like your new family. President Bartlet even refers to Josh as “my son.”

Profession… Deputy Chief of Staff for the Bartlet administration. Josh quit his former job as a campaign advisor for Senator John Hoynes, then the frontrunner in the race for President, in order to work for Bartlet, a candidate that Josh truly believed in. His friend and colleague, Sam Seaborn, says that Josh has “a world-class political mind.”

Interests… his country. Josh is a true believer in the idea of America. He has dedicated his life to the United States, and he wants to do anything he can to use American ideals to improve the human race. “We’re the most dominant nation on earth,” he says. “But too often the face of our economic superiority is a corporate imperialism, our technological dominance shown by smart bombs and Predator drones. We could do something else. Something generous and uplifting for all humankind.”

Relationship Status… single. Josh, despite being an eligible bachelor, doesn’t have time for a personal life, or so he says. Though his reluctance to pursue a romantic relationship outside of the office may have something to do with the chemistry he has with his friend and assistant, Donna.

Challenge… dealing with the pressure of being at the center of global power. Josh certainly loves his job and serves proudly, but that doesn’t mean that daily life isn’t a challenge for him.

Personality… funny, sarcastic, and kind-hearted. Josh possesess a fine political mind and a big, warm heart. He cares about the issues at stake, and often expresses (sometimes mock) irritation when his opinion is not given the attention he feels it deserves. As he once put it, “It bugs me when the President listens to anyone who isn’t me.”

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