Josh Chan
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Josh Chan

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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About Him

Grew Up… in a big, happy Filipino family in West Covina, California. Josh grew up with traditional values and lots of support. His family and friends were always very important to him.

Living… in West Covina. Josh spent some time living in New York, but he realized that he just loves his hometown too much to stay away. After all, West Covina has everything: his friends, sunshine, and it’s “just two hours from the beach, four in traffic!”

Profession… unemployed, for the moment. Josh isn’t exactly a career guy; he’s much more passionate about having fun. He really wants to work at the tech store, but he might have to settle for taking a job in his father’s radiology clinic.

Interests… basketball, his dance crew, and video games. Josh loves to have a good time, whether that’s meeting up with a friend for some boba or going out to a club. And, there’s always the beach – has he mentioned it’s only two hours away, four in traffic?

Relationship Status… dating his long-term girlfriend Valencia. Valencia can be a little controlling, but he loves her, and he’s always been sure that they’ll end up together. But, he might be having some slight doubts now that Rebecca, his ex-girlfriend from a long-ago sleep-away camp, has moved to town. Josh is finding himself attracted to Rebecca and that’s confusing him a little.

Challenge… juggling his girlfriend and his (perhaps crazy ex-girlfriend who just showed up. Valencia doesn’t like Rebecca, and so she’s making it difficult for Josh to hang out with his old friend. But, Rebecca keeps managing to show up wherever Josh is, and so it doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere any time soon.

Personality… easygoing, friendly, and simple. Josh is a West Covina boy at heart, and he loves to enjoy everything that his town has to offer. Nothing bothers Josh too much, and so life is pretty easy and happy for him.

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