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About Him

Grew Up… faster than anyone could imagine. He went from 12 to 30 in an instant after paying a quarter to a wishing machine at a carnival. He wished to be big. But he should have been more specific – he wanted to be 15, not an adult.

Living… in a kid's paradise in New York City. He left his mom's house when he turned big, and he’s been in a hotel ever since. There's a jungle of inflatable palm trees and blown-up flamingoes. He eats mac and cheese and drinks Coke everyday. He even has his own pinball machine and trampoline.

Profession… toy tester at FAO Schwarz. Heplays with toys and real grown-ups give him real money. He has fifteen minutes to play with each toy, then he answers some easy questions. It's a dream job.

Interests… jumping on his trampoline and playing with all his toys. He loves being a grown-up. He gets to do whatever he wants, and no one tells him what to do. He doesn't even have homework.

Relationship Status… weird. He likes Susan, and he think she likes him. But she's so old, and he doesn’t understand her. For example, she says she can be open with him instead of other men. Since he doesn’t know what she means, he just nods and smiles and asks her to have a “sleepover.” She’s confused when he gets into his PJs and climbs into a bunk bed.

Challenge… passing as a grown-up while trying to become a real kid again. Josh tried to go back to his parents, but they didn’t even recognize him. Thankfully, he’s still in touch with his childhood friend Billy who was with him at the carnival. Billy is trying to help him find a way to get back to his 12-year-old body.

Personality… childlike, happy, and easily excited. He hasn’t gotten cynical as many adults have. And that is what makes him appealing to the adults he meets. They appreciate his enthusiasm for life.

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