Joseph Donnelly
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Joseph Donnelly

Far and Away

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Overview… an Irishman who needs a new start. Joseph Donnelly has never had things easy, but now that his father has died, his landlord is planning to evict him. Furious, Joseph plans revenge. But in his attempt to kill the landlord backfired when he was discovered and captured, kept alive only so he could be properly hanged. Fortunately for him, the landlord’s daughter, Shannon, is also dissatisfied with her life. She makes him a bargain: if he will pose as her servant, she’ll take him with her when she runs away to America – because a single woman of means traveling alone would be scandalous. With no other choice, he agrees, and the two of them set off across the ocean.

Personality… fiery, stubborn, and a dreamer. Joseph’s pride makes it difficult for him to get along with the wealthy Shannon at first, especially since it was her family that kept his in poverty. The two of them fight frequently. But Joseph has a dream of owning land, and the only way it will come true is to participate in the land rushes in the American West. If Shannon can help him achieve that, then they might be able to get along after all.

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