Jordan Catalano
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Jordan Catalano

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About Him

Living...  in a somewhat troubled home with his parents in Three Rivers, Pennsylvania. His father physically abused him until he was old enough to fight back, an experience that greatly contributed to his thick-skinned exterior.

Profession... high school student. But he’s not a very good one. He ditches class frequently and gets generally poor grades. It might not just be laziness, though; his academic struggles may be caused in part by an undiagnosed learning disability.

Interests... music. Jordan devotes a lot of his time to playing with his band, The Frozen Embryos. It’s a punk outfit in which he writes songs, sings, and plays guitar, giving him an outlet to articulate his teenage angst. Actually, he’s pretty good.

Relationship Status... single, but with an ardent admirer. He is the love interest of Angela Chase, a level-headed "good girl" at his high school, or at least a former good girl who is finding out who she is now. Though Jordan likes to play it cool, Angela begins to intrigue him as well.

Challenge... maturing while still keeping his “edge.” Jordan prides himself on his devil-may-care attitude, having little respect for authority and making decisions completely on his own accord. He enjoys being his own man, needing no help from anyone but himself. But he is starting to realize that this introverted persona might not be the best way to succeed in life. As he puts it, "It's like, you think... you're safe or something, cause you can just... walk away, anytime, cause you don't like need her – you don't need anyone. But the thing you didn't realize is, you're wrong."

Personality... strong and stoic, but not as tough as he likes to act. Although his cool-guy persona is real for him, he also uses it to cover up his insecurities. For example, he cuts classes and pretends he doesn’t care about grades in part because he’s embarrassed about being a very poor reader. Jordan is definitely a big man on campus, but if he doesn’t want high school to be the highlight of his life, he’s going to have to start taking some things more seriously. Unless of course The Frozen Embryos hits it big.

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