Jonathan Ames
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Jonathan Ames

Bored to Death

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About Him

Living… alone in Brooklyn, N.Y. Jonathan, after breaking up with his girlfriend, has had a lot of extra time on his hands. Without anyone around to entertain him, he’s having difficulty figuring out what to do with himself.

Profession… writer, sort of. He has been having a lot of trouble with his second book, especially after taking a side job as a private detective. He’s beginning to lose confidence in his ability to write and his ability to solve mysteries. “I suck at everything,” he says.

Interests… drinking and smoking pot, often with his best friend Ray. Jonathan has recently been on a white wine stint, as he’s trying to cut down on the real booze.

Relationship Status… single. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, Suzanne. She claims that she left him because he was drinking and getting stoned too much. Being with a blocked writer can be a chore, and Jonathan knows that he has to change something about his lifestyle in order to return to being a functional adult. Hopefully his new career, or at least side career, as a private detective will help him out of his depressive spiral.

Challenge… finishing his second novel while trying to solve all of his cases. Jonathan’s boss, George, is doing his best to get him writing gigs, but his second life as a private detective is taking up far too much of his time.

Personality… quirky and effete. Jonathan may see himself as a suave private detective a la Philip Marlowe, but that’s only an act. He likes to say, “I’m fiscally responsible, but sexually out of control.” But nobody’s really buying it.

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