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About Him

Grew Up... in a wealthy family with parents who had very expectations—expectations that he hasn’t been able to meet.

Living... in St. Louis, Missouri, after dropping out of business school and discovering a big box superstore on the side of the highway.

Profession... newly hired sales associate of a Cloud 9 superstore. It’s an eclectic group of employees to say the least. Although Jonah doesn’t work that hard, he looks good by comparison compared to his fellow coworkers. As he says, “My point is, there are people who do nothing and there are people who do something, and I am one of those people. The something group.”

Interests... pontificating on current events, which his fellow co-workers could care the least about. With his sophisticated vocabulary and business school background, he can come across as conceited. But he means well in his interactions and shows that he can be thoughtful when it comes to listening to people and understanding what might make them happy. 

Relationship Status… single. Jonah has a crush on the store’s floor supervisor, Amy Sosa. He didn’t make the best first impression with her, and he wants to get back in her good graces in case he can convince her to leave her husband. Although Amy is not interested, Jonah has his share of admirers at work. Even his male boss Glenn admits how good looking he is: “He looks like a panda and a Disney princess had a baby.” 

Challenge... fighting with one of his co-workers. The other new hire, Mateo, is extremely enthusiastic and wants to show everyone that he is better than his so-called competition, Jonah. And Mateo seems jealous of Jonah’s looks. Mateo says he looks like a villain on the CW. Mateo tells Jonah that sometimes he just really wants to slap him.

Personality... thoughtful, optimistic, and social. Jonah is always one to find the good in any situation. He quickly makes friends on the job, but that gets him in trouble sometimes when he is too busy chatting instead of performing his job duties. 

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