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Jonah Byrde


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About Him

Living... in Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks with his parents and older sister Charlotte. They just moved there from Chicago. 

Profession... student. It’s the summer, so he has the freedom to explore his interests. 

Interests... nature. Jonah is interested in many types of animals and does research on them. Now that they live in the Ozarks, he’s become obsessed with scavenger birds including ravens, starlings, and turkey vultures. 

Challenge... finding out what his parents are hiding. He doesn’t understand why they were forced to move to the Ozarks, and everyone is starting to act very strange. Along with his sister Charlotte, Jonah is determined to uncover his family’s secrets. 

Personaliy... introverted, friendly, and intelligent. Jonah feels that he lives in his sister’s shadow because she is so much more outgoing than him. Even though Jonah doesn’t speak as many words, he has many thoughts and observations. His mind is always racing, and he has a few big secrets of his own.  

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