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Schitt's Creek

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Living… in Schitt’s Creek, a small town that pretty much lives up to its name. Johnny moved his family here when he lost all of his assets due to a corrupt employee. Johnny bought the town years ago as a joke, but it turned out to be the family’s saving grace. Johnny now shares a motel suite with his wife, Moira, and his two adult children, David and Alexis. Johnny is the only member of the family not completely resigned to grief after the loss. Every day, he tries to find a new way to make his family’s life a little more comfortable.

Profession… former business owner. Johnny used to own a multi-million-dollar company, Rose Video. After he lost all of his assets, he is determined to become a self-made millionaire, again. Johnny is constantly trying to find new business ideas, and he accidentally becomes a part-time mechanic by setting up shop in a local garage. Nowadays, Johnny is taking a closer look into the shabby motel where is family resides. Maybe there is a market for cute, roadside motels?

Interests… family. At the end of a hard day, Johnny always comes back to the not-so-loving arms of his family. He is deeply invested in their lives. Whether that means supporting David’s small business or accidentally making Alexis cheat on school papers, Johnny is always there. He appreciates hard work, but he does it all for Moira and the kids.

Relationship status… married. Johnny would do anything and everything for Moira, his wife. He recognizes how unhappy she is in Schitt’s Creek, and he is resigned to working hard to make life better for her. He deals with her craziness better than most people, which allows them to be silly and serious together.

Challenge… providing for his family’s wellbeing, without a dollar to his name. When Johnny lost all of his money, it was a big blow to his ego. He is finding a way to rebuild his family in the aftermath, and discovering that his picture-perfect life was never all that perfect after all. He struggles to reconnect with his kids, without being able to pay his way into their good graces. Unfortunately, Alexis and David aren’t the easiest kids to deal with.

Personality… awkward, sweet, and oblivious. Johnny assumes the best of people, even when they have proved multiple times to not have good intentions. His family teases him for his lack of social fluency, as he often fumbles jokes or misreads situations entirely. However, Johnny really cares about his family, and is as accepting as they come. When he was confronted with David’s pansexuality, Johnny said, “I just want you to know, that I endorse all of your sexual encounters.” Even though his tongue might fail him now and then, his heart is always in the right place.

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