Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose

Schitt's Creek

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About Him

Grew Up... with ambition. After completing schooling, Johnny invested his entire savings into a successful video rental business.

Living... in the Rosebud Motel at Schitt's Creek with his family. After his business manager embezzled away their assets, the government confiscates everything the Rose family has. The family is forced to move to a town called Schitt's Creek that Johnny bought in the past as a joke.

Profession... former high-powered CEO. He's now looking for a new business venture.

Interests... taking care of his family.

Relationship Status... in a healthy and supportive relationship with his wife, Moira, who is a former daytime soap opera actress.

Challenge... after losing his business, Johnny has to find a way to get back on his feet again. He also struggles with the burden of supporting his entire family, who are all dysfunctional in their own ways. After having to live with his two children in close quarters, Johnny realizes that he doesn't actually know much about them. Moira and Johnny make it a mission to improve their relationship with their adult children while in Schitt's Creek.

Personality... easy-going and responsible. He is the least neurotic of his family and has the most patience with the residents of Schitt's Creek, who are also quirky and unique. He also lovingly supports his wife Moira through whatever dramatic breakdown she's having and is also in charge of giving his spoiled children reality checks.

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