Johnny Rico
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Johnny Rico

Starship Troopers

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About Him

Grew Up… in Buenos Aires, where he met his high school sweetheart, Carmen Ibanez. Johnny was heavily influenced by the upstanding “citizenship” of his history teacher, Jean Rasczak. Johnny didn’t really know what he wanted to do after school, but the idea of serving his people was never far from his mind, as Mr. Rasczak would constantly be singing the praises of doing one’s duty as a citizen.

Living… as a member of the “Roughnecks,” an elite group of tough soldiers in the Mobile Infantry. And ironically enough, Jean Rasczak is now the commander of the Roughnecks; in many ways it’s just like high school. Some of Johnny’s high school friends are even in the same unit with him. Sadly, his high school sweetheart Carmen, for whom he joined the service in the first place, is serving far away on a spaceship. But Johnny doesn’t have time to think about that now—there’s a war going on. The Arachnids have destroyed Buenos Aires, and Earth is uniting to crush the bugs like ants.

Interests… tattoos. But he's got a strong hatred for the bugs:  “Let me tell you something: I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill them all!”

Relationship Status… committed to Carmen, whom he’s been dating since high school. They went to prom together, lost their virginity together. But now they’re far apart, and she’s trying to become a leading officer in the Fleet. Johnny can’t help still being in love with her, though; he’ll never forget. But in the meantime, Dizzy, another high school friend who always had a crush on Johnny, serves in his unit and will have a chance to make her case for case for Johnny’s heart.

Challenge… claiming vengeance. Johnny’s parents were killed in the Arachnids’ attack on Buenos Aires. This war is personal for him. He’d rather die than let these bugs go on living. He ferociously puts himself out there in battle.

Personality… gung-ho, gutsy, and angsty. Johnny Rico may be at the peak of his physical prowess, but he’s still very young. He thinks he’s had lots of life experiences, but he is very easily swayed by the propaganda of his nation. He’s a virtual fighting machine fueled by testosterone and revenge. Maybe if and when the war ends – presuming the humans aren’t enslaved by Arachnids – Johnny can concern himself with more mature pursuits and emotional growth. But for now he follows the rhetorical slogan, “Do you want to live forever?!”

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