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Johnny Cash

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Grew up… in Arkansas. Johnny’s childhood was less than idyllic. Even as an adult, he still suffers from guilt about his brother’s deadly accident with a table saw. He laments in a moment of self-loathing, “It should have been me on that saw. Jack was so good. He would have done so many good things.”

Living… on the road. Johnny Cash lives the life of a rock star, traveling from city to city and playing his loud, fast music.

Profession… musician. Johnny taught himself how to write songs while he was in the U.S. Air Force. Since then, he’s been reinventing American country music. As he puts it, “Don’t give me no rules. All I got are rules.”

Interests… nursing his various addictions. Cash, like any artist, has a dark side. He’s tried every kind of drug available, and has developed a crippling dependency on booze and amphetamines.

Relationship Status… married to his hometown sweetheart, Vivian Liberto. However, Cash falls deeply in love with the singer June Carter while on tour. June knows that Cash is mad, bad, and dangerous to know, but she has trouble resisting his charms.

Challenge… beating his addictions and convincing June Carter to marry him. Johnny knows that he can’t live without the beautiful June. But their relationship is fraught with tension, and he often lashes out at her: “You know what your problem is, June Carter? You are afraid to be in love, you are afraid of losing control. And you know what June Carter, I think you’re afraid of livin’ in my big fat shadow.”

Personality… charming, dark, and sophisticated. Johnny Cash, also known as The Man in Black, has an undeniable charisma. His wild, hard-drinking life provides inspiration for his gritty songs, but puts strains on his personal relationships.

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