Johnny Blaze

Johnny Blaze

    Ghost Rider
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… all around the United States. Johnny’s father was a professional stunt biker who performed in a travelling circus. The father and son were as close as could be, and loved their wanderer’s life – but everything started to change when Johnny’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Desperate to save his father, Johnny was approached by the Devil and agreed to sell his soul to cure his father’s cancer. Unfortunately, deals with the Devil are often not reliable, and his father was killed the next day in a stunt gone wrong. Heart broken and scared, Johnny Blaze got on his father’s bike and rode as far away as he possibly could.

Living… a life of fame and fortune. After discovering that the Devil won’t allow him to die, Johnny Blaze became the world’s most daring stunt biker. Willing to attempt suicidal jumps and tricks, Johnny established himself as a modern Evel Knievel. Of course, the Devil gives nothing for free – and Johnny is about to be called upon to honor his half of the bargain.

Profession… professional stunt biker. However, Johnny is about to find a higher calling, as he’s been called upon to act as hell’s bounty hunter. Every generation, the Devil empowers a lost soul to act as his enforcer – a phantom rider that carries out the Devil’s earthly agenda and punishes his enemies.

Interests… anything that will distract him from the past. Johnny lives is a constant state of denial, unwilling to accept the fact that me might have sold his soul just to watch his father die anyway. Risking his life and watching TV are the only things that really seem to keep him out of his head long enough to avoid lapsing into depression, so that’s how he spends his time.

Relationship status… complicated. Johnny’s been trying to win back the beautiful reporter Roxanne Simpson. The two enjoyed a passionate romance when they were teenagers, but their love was cut short when Johnny fled after the death of his father. Now, after years apart, the two finally meet again when Roxanne is sent to interview the now famous Johnny Blaze. Eager to rekindle their previous romance, Johnny prepares to prove that he’s matured and can be relied upon – and that he won’t just disappear and break her heart all over again.

Challenge… stopping the demon Blackheart before he can claim the contract of San Vengaza – an ancient document that allowing the bearer to harness the power of 1,000 corrupted souls. The contract was hidden years ago when a previous iteration of the phantom rider recognized that the contract would give demons enough power to bring hell to earth. Now, the rogue demon Blackheart is determined to claim the power for himself, a possibility that even the Devil cannot stand. In an effort to stop the ruthless and powerful Blackheart, the Devil has unlocked Johnny’s cursed inheritance as the Ghost Rider, and tasked him with stopping the demonic renegade before it’s too late.

Personality… quiet, introspective, and confident. But even Johnny Blaze isn’t fast enough to outride his past. He’s haunted by his father’s death and the state of his mortal soul, and sees no way to redeem or save himself. Because of this, he has become increasingly withdrawn, cultivating few friendships and no relationships. A deeply good man who has been bound in service to a force of pure evil, Johnny will have to risk more than his life if he hopes to retain his integrity while honoring his contract.


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