John Tucker
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John Tucker

John Tucker Must Die

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About Him

Living… in a suburb of Portland, Oregon where he’s the most popular guy in his high school and the star of the basketball team.

Visiting… anywhere romantic. John goes all out when it comes to dating, splurging on fancy restaurants, planning sunset beach outings, and even renting a small yacht.

Interests… basketball and dating. John cares about being popular and the things that make him so. He’s a talented basketball player who can make a shot from pretty much anywhere on the court, and he’s never had a problem scoring girls either.  

Relationship Status… dating multiple girls. John hides his relationships through a series of methodical lies, convincing girls from different cliques to date him in secret so that they won’t find out about each other.

Challenge… making Kate fall for him. John’s never met a girl who wasn’t immediately interested in him, so when Kate plays hard-to-get, he makes it his mission to make her his girlfriend.

Personality… confident, manipulative, and charismatic. John can get whatever he wants, and he knows it. With his looks, charm, and talent, he’s worshipped among the student body, and even some of the teachers.  John also has a knack for making bad situations work out for him in the end, which can be pretty frustrating to anyone trying to cause him embarrassment. 

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