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John Sullivan


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Living… in Queens, New York – the same house he’s lived in his whole life. His father is dead, and his mother has moved to a nearby house, but John can still sit at his father’s desk and remember listening to the World Series with his dad. He still works with his best friend from childhood. In some ways, not a lot has changed. Until he discovers that he can talk to his father, thirty years in the past, using his old HAM radio.

Profession… homicide detective. Only this is the first time John’s ever tried to solve a crime before it happens. He knows that his father, a firefighter, dies in a fire – so he uses the HAM radio to stop that from happening. He lives, and now John has two sets of memories. But there are repercussions for changing the past. John’s mother is now the one that is dead, murdered by the Nightingale Killer.

Interests… baseball, which was something he shared with his father, a die-hard Mets fan.

Relationship Status… recently single. His girlfriend left him – or did she? John’s life is getting pretty tangled up in alternate timelines. As far as he knows, though, things didn’t work out between them.

Challenge… setting everything right in the past – and the present. John saved his dad, but now his mother is dead. They have to work together via radio to catch the killer, and prevent the deaths of the Nightingale Killer’s other victims. It’s hard to get the police to arrest someone, though, when your evidence is based on talking with someone in the past through a radio. Will anyone believe John or his father, and if not, can they stop the killer on their own?

Personality… nostalgic but determined. John always regretted not knowing his father better, and now he has a chance to change all of that. He won’t let the complexity of time stop him from achieving the best outcome.

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