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John Spartan

Demolition Man

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About Him

Overview... wrongly accused of a crime in 1996, former LAPD sergeant John Spartan has been awakened from his “CryoPrison” in the year 2032. Things have changed drastically since the ‘90s. Now, the cities of L.A., San Diego and Santa Barbara have merged into a single utopian community where weapons and vices have been outlawed. The hard-edged Spartan has been reanimated in order to catch one of his generation’s most feared criminals, Simon Phoenix, who is now on the loose in the future.

Personality... rough around the edges, feisty, and full of energy. Spartan has trouble adapting to the anodyne surroundings of 2032. He especially misses sex, which has been made illegal along with drugs and alcohol. But if he manages to catch Phoenix, perhaps he can win a few privileges – or make a few converts.

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John Spartan
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