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John Smith

The New World

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Grew Up… in late 16th century England. The son of farmers, John grew up quickly, becoming a mercenary at sixteen when his father died and setting sail for the New World at twenty-six, already a mature man and a seasoned fighter. But though John has already done a fair of travelling, he's never experienced anything like what he finds in Virginia.

Living… in Jamestown, a new settlement in the commonwealth of Virginia. With few amenities and meager supplies, life in this new land is harsh. For those aren’t accustomed to it, the New World is dangerous and a difficult place to make one’s home. However, while travelling away from Jamestown, the only known civilization, John sees how the ‘naturals’ live and finds himself impressed by their harmonious coexistence with nature.

Profession… settler whose role is swiftly changing. After being imprisoned for mutiny while heading for the New World, Captain Newport later pardons John and sends him with a small group of men to seek trade upriver. When Newport returns to England for supplies, John takes on a leadership role, installing discipline and making it clear to the men in Jamestown that, “he who does not work shall not eat.”

Interests… survival first, exploration second. Once survival's taken care of, John proves himself an excellent and intrepid explorer, with a keen passion for nature and new experiences.

Relationship Status… unexpectedly smitten. After being captured by Chief Powhatan and his natives, John falls in love with the Algonquin princess Pocahontas. He's drawn to her the same way he is drawn to nature, losing himself in her just as he loves himself in the beauty of the pristine woods. Such a love can be challenged, but John doubts it can ever fade.

Challenge… listening to what the New World and Pocahontas are telling him. As he tells Pocahontas, “There's something I know when I'm with you that I forget when I'm away.” There is a truth John can only see when he's with Pocahontas or in nature, and he must struggle to understand what it is.

Personality… strong-willed, principled, and brave. A natural leader, John believes in leading by example and works hard to ensure Jamestown's survival. While the other settlers initially chafe to John's strict discipline, their complaints quickly cease when John's leadership saves the settlement.

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