John Smith

John Smith

    The Man in the High Castle

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in occupied United States. After the Nazis and the Japanese won World War II, they invaded the United States. 

Profession... Obergruppenführer, which is high-ranking general for the Nazis. John’s main objective is to crush the resistance that aims to overthrow the Nazi government—even if that means torturing prisoners to get the information they need. John oversees many men, but some of them are trouble because they don’t always agree with the Nazi values and methods.

Relationship status... happily married to his wife. They have three children together, and they look up to John because they see him as a great success. But he can also be an intimidating father. 

Challenge... sacrificing everything for his family and the Nazi cause. As he says, “A man is only ever as strong as the people around him: The community he serves and the family he is sworn to protect. Whatever strength he has, he draws from them. And for them, he must be prepared to give everything. His life for his blood, or else everything he has done, has been for nothing. He is nothing.”

Personality... disciplined, cocky, and merciless. John is disciplined in how he carries himself, especially around the many men he commands. John knows how great he is, and he looks down on those who don’t meet his high standards. 


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