John Robie
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John Robie

To Catch a Thief

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About Him

Grew Up… the most notorious jewel thief there ever was. During his illustrious career as a burglar, he was given the nickname “The Cat.” Far from villainous, he was also part of the French Resistance during World War II.

Living… in retirement in the luxury of his vineyards on the French Riviera. However, "The Cat" is woken from his nap when a series of robberies lead police to suspect that John is behind them, despite his innocence. They even attempt to arrest him, but with his signature cat-like dexterity, he's able to elude them.

Profession… thief-catcher. Under the notion that it takes a thief to catch a thief, John sets out to trap the thief masquerading as him in the very act. Using a list of the most expensive jewels on the Riviera as his guide, he meets who he suspects to be the thief's next target: a rich lady named Jessie and her daughter, Frances.

Interests… clearing his name. He's been targeted as the chief suspect in these series of robberies. This copy-cat thief who's literally copying the Cat is making life particularly hard for him at the moment.

Relationship Status… complicated. While John has a former love in one of the daughters of his French Resistance compatriots, Danielle, he's also drawn to the flirty wiles of Frances, who lures him in with her jewels in more ways than one. When her mother's jewels are stolen, she blames John and throws accusations at him.

Challenge… catching the copy-cat. This thief is smart, but can John use his knowledge and skill as an expert burglar to outwit this imitator? His whole retirement in luxury depends on him proving his innocence.

Personality… charming, witty, and nimble on his feet. Despite involving himself in a life of crime, deep down John has a good heart and wants to continue living a life within the spirit of the law: "For what it's worth, I never stole from anybody who would go hungry."

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