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Grew Up… as a sickly child. Perhaps due to being bedridden, John had more time to study books, rather than playing sports outside with the other children. He was never the most studious child, but he did aspire to be a writer and thus knew that education was key.

Living… in Greenwich Village, the hub of the New York literary scene in the 1910s. John befriends playwright Eugene O’Neil, as well as Louise Bryant, a feminist journalist. John is excited at the prospect of a socialist revolution in America. But when he realizes that it might really be happening right now in Russia, he is quick to saddle up and cover the revolution on location in Russia, writing an account of the day-to-day unfolding of the revolution.

Profession… writer. John Reed believes that journalism both immortalizes issues forever and spreads ideas in the present. He knows the importance of the written word when it comes to ideology and revolution. If there is to be a new order on earth, John wants to be one of the writers defining exactly what that order should look like.

Interests… war correspondence, socialism, radical politics, and adventure.

Relationship Status… single. John enjoys having affairs with women on the road. But when his feelings for Louise Bryant begin to evolve emotionally as well as intellectually, he realizes that she might be the only match for him.

Challenge… inciting revolution worldwide. He wants to see revolution not only in Russia, but also in America. John has chosen his method of rebellion and swears by the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Personality… energetic, rebellious, and radical. John is predictable in that you can count on the fact that he will always be unpredictable. He constantly travels around covering the important stories of his time. He doesn’t want to miss out on any major event. He wants to be part of it all, at the forefront, forging the road to an ideal society with pen and ink. 

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