John Quincy Archibald
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John Quincy Archibald

John Q.

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About Him

Overview… a man on the edge. After his car gets repossessed and his employer cuts his work hours, it doesn't seem like things could get much worse for John Archibald. But when his son collapses during a baseball game, John learns that his young son has a heart defect and will need a transplant soon – however his recent change in employment status means that his insurance will not cover it. After failing to raise enough money, John is almost entirely out of options. Desperate to see his son live, John goes back to the hospital, this time with a gun and a plan: He's not leaving until his son is healed.

Personality… caring and friendly, but at a breaking point. John has been put under an unbelievable amount of stress by his financial situation and the health of his son. Cracking under the pressure, John acts out rashly, doing things that nobody (including himself) would have expected out of such a quiet man. His love for his son is his sole drive, pushing him to keep going even after things spiral out of control. When the situation in the hospital escalates, John has a difficult time keeping a cool head, but manages to stay calm by talking to the people around him.

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