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Grew up… in a country called Libria in the aftermath of the third World War. The totalitarian state, governed by the Tetragrammaton Council, has determined that human emotion has been the root of all human conflict. Such emotions have thus been banned in Libria.

Living… as a widower in the year 2072. Preston’s wife, Viviana, was executed several years ago for a “Sense Offense” after she ceased to take the state-prescribed drug, Proxium, which deadens emotions.

Profession… Grammaton Cleric, a highly trained law enforcement officer for the state. Preston is responsible for seeking out and executing Sense Offenders like his wife. He and his kind have been highly trained in martial arts, specifically a form called “gun kata,” and are feared throughout Libria. In Preston’s words, “I’m alive… I live… to safeguard the continuity of this great society.”

Interests… none. Good citizens of Libria don’t have true interests. Proxium, the drug that suppresses emotion and encourages obedience, has subdued John and helped him do his ruthless job. It isn’t until he accidently misses a dose of Prozium that John begins to feel the emotions that his deceased wife must have felt. And it turns out that guilt is not a pleasant feeling.

Relationship Status... widowed. Preston has been alone since his wife was executed for a Sense Offense. Now it’s just him and his son, Robbie.

Challenge… infiltrating the Tetragrammaton government and helping the Underground movement overthrow the state. When John discovers what it feels like to come out from his Proxium-induced coma, he begins to feel morally responsible for his actions in aiding the state. So he now wants to destroy it.

Personality… in flux. Prior to his awakening, Preston was just another robot at service of the state. When he begins to feel true emotions, though, he becomes a righteous and courageous man.

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