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John Mitchell

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About Him

Living… forever. At least, until someone succeeds in thrusting a stake through his heart. Yep, you guessed it – Mitchell is a vampire. He’s been alive for 116 years and counting. Currently, he is living in Bristol with his two best friends: George Sands, a bumbling werewolf, and Annie Sawyer, a sweet and friendly ghost. 

Profession… hospital cleaner. Mitchell’s job doesn’t pay much, but it allows him to keep a low profile. Well, sort of. Seeing as he’s quite a looker, Mitchell attracts a lot of attention from female employees. Most other men would be happy to garner that much interest, but not Mitchell. It just makes weening off blood much more difficult.

Interests… watching Laurel & Hardy. Mitchell absolutely loves them: “They’re like the funniest men who’ve ever lived.” He has many of their acts on DVD stored in his room and tries to educate those who aren’t acquainted with the old-time comedy duo.

Relationship Status… it’s complicated. Women really like Mitchell. And Mitchell really likes women, but mostly because he sees them as a source of food. Despite trying his hardest to resist blood, Mitchell still ends up hurting his lovers. He converted Lauren Drake, his most recent fling, into a vampire and he’s absolutely furious with himself. 

Challenge… trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Mitchell is attempting to break away from his violent past and has sworn off blood. Unfortunately, he keeps relapsing. The fact that Herrick, his former partner, keeps turning up to drag him back to the dark side doesn’t help.

Personality… effortlessly cool and charming. Mitchell has no trouble getting others to like him. He is laid-back, funny, and slightly edgy – just the sort of guy you’d want to have a beer with. Mitchell also has a soft spot for humanity and longs to connect with normal people. As his best friend George points out, “You, my friend, have a soppy streak. You keep it hidden – really, very, deeply hidden – but it’s there.”

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