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Grew Up... wanting to care about the army, boxing, and sports in order to please his father. However, John Luther (or just “Luther” to those who know him) found that he had more of a penchant for reading, writing, and charming girls. Fortunately for the citizens of London, that led him to become a brilliant crime-solving detective.

Living... in London. Recently separated from his wife, Zoe, Luther lives alone in a barely furnished apartment and with very few possessions.

Profession... Detective Chief Inspector working for the Serious Crime Unit. Legendary among the police force for his dedication to the job and his success rate, Luther always puts his job first, even at the expense of his personal life. Explaining why their marriage fell apart, Zoe tells Luther, “You care more about the dead than the living. That's where your heart is!” With a moral compass that makes him predisposed towards seeking vengeance on behalf of the dead, Luther is, in many ways, the worst nightmare of both a criminal and a police chief.

Interests... solving crimes. For the very intelligent and equally intuitive detective who lives and breathes the job, outwitting the bad guys is Luther's primary interest. His obsession is too much to handle for most people, including his new rookie partner, Justin Ripley. Luther finally finds someone who can keep up with him when he encounters the similarly brilliant and enigmatic Alice Morgan.

Relationship Status... separated. Luther makes it abundantly clear that he is not a fan of the separation from his university sweetheart, Zoe. Expressing his anger through violent outbursts and destruction of property, Luther must learn to cope with his evolving relationship with Zoe and her new relationship with Mark North. Even more, Luther now also has to deal with the bewitching Alice, who, despite (or perhaps because of) her sociopathic tendencies, beguiles and confuses him.

Challenge... reconciling with the evil that he encounters daily. After a particularly complicated case involving pedophilic serial killer Henry Madsen – which concluded with Madsen in a coma and Luther suspended from the force and suffering a psychological break – Luther questions whether the severe means that he uses to catch criminals make him equally corrupt. It doesn't help that others, including his partner Justin, his best friend Ian Reed, and the Police Complaints department, also wonder the same...

Personality... brilliant and passionate. Slightly unhinged, his tough exterior belies his sensitivity – John is actually quite a caring and loving person who will (and does) easily put his own life in danger to save others. Both believing that there is still love in the world and that sometimes one has to traverse the dark side in order to save that world, one gets the sense that, as Zoe puts it, “If he'd read a different book by a different writer at just the right time in his life, he'd have been a different man.” As it is, Luther is destined to straddle the line between good and bad. 

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