John Hartigan
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John Hartigan

Sin City

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About Him

Living… as a lawman in the seediest city on earth: Basin City. Basin City’s police department is so rife with corruption that John can’t even trust his own partner. Officers don’t make much unless they accept payouts or bribes – but John refuses both.

Profession… detective. As one of the only non-crooked cops in the city, John is unafraid to pursue the rich and powerful. His last case before retirement has him investigating a serial killer and rapist who preys exclusively on preteen girls. He’s getting close to the killer, but whoever he is has friends in high places.

Interests… justice. Basin City has a way of stomping the integrity out of people, and most honest cops either learn to abandon their scruples or wind up dead in a gutter. But even as the rest of the city gives itself over to depravity, John Hartigan is committed to uphold the oath that came along with his gun and badge.

Relationship Status… married to Eileen. She’s a good woman who recognizes John as one of the last good men in a forsaken city. Still, she worries about him. His addiction to taking on powerful men could ruin his life and tear their marriage apart.

Challenge… saving Nancy Callahan, a sweet eleven-year-old girl who’s been kidnapped by Roark Junior, a senator’s son and serial rapist. Time is running out and forces both inside and outside the department are determined to stop Hartigan from doing his job. A veritable saint in a city of snakes, Hartigan recognizes that saving Nancy might cost his own life – but he thinks that’s more than a fair trade.

Personality… righteous, strong-willed, and unstoppable. John is willing to die for any innocent Basin City citizen. He’s incredibly tough and remains undeterred even in the face of bullets, nooses, and blades. His time in Sin City has served to make him outwardly gruff and cynical. But, he’s still idealistic enough to risk his life for principles that everyone else has abandoned. He might be old and slowing down, but Hartigan’s raw commitment makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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