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John Hancock


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Overview… superhero. Not only can Hancock fly and possess the strength of a thousand men, but he is invincible and immortal. Unfortunately, he is also an alcoholic. Every time he dishes out a swift dose of vigilante justice, he invariably causes the city of Los Angeles millions of dollars of damage, leaving its citizens to foot the bill. When he saves the life of PR man Ray Embry, Ray offers to repay him by rebranding his sullied image as the most hated man in L.A.

Personality… reckless, irreverent, and sarcastic. Hancock cannot stand being disrespected, and will toss whoever disses him into the stratosphere – even if that person is a child. His inhibitions are lowered by liquor more often than not, and he’ll often think out loud, narrating his actions as he fights crime and saves the innocent. His cocky persona is to some degree a projection that masks his insecurities. Hancock has no idea where he came from, and there’s nobody who can relate to his inhuman condition. He didn’t ask for superpowers, and he doesn’t always handle the responsibility that comes with them very well.

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