John Grogan
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John Grogan

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About Him

Grew Up… in Michigan, dodging snowstorms and goofing around with his friends.

Living… in south Florida, where he hopes to start a new chapter of his life – preferably a warmer one. Even if his first house is nothing special and located in a tough part of town, he’s happy to have his own place. After all, it's hard to be down when you already "live in a vacation spot!”

Profession… newspaper journalist. Recently hired at the Sun-Sentinel, John gets a lot of drudge work, but he’s happy for the opportunity and willing to work his way up.

Interests… exploring Florida and traveling around. Excited about the warmth and change of pace, John is spending time in his garden planting an orange tree. And he also recently visited Disneyworld. Taking care of his rambunctious Labrador, Marley, also takes much of his time.

Relationship Status… married. John tied the knot with college sweetheart Jenny just before leaving Michigan, and now the two reporters work for different papers.

Challenge… adjusting to constant changes. John moves to Florida at the cusp of adulthood, so he has to deal with all the different surprises of life on his own. But he has an even tougher challenge: keeping his wily dog on the leash and away from breakable valuables.

Personality… easy-going and warm. John is a natural fit for Florida, where he can take his time and relax. It’s easy for John to see the humor in all situations, a trait that comes in handy when Marley's up to mischief. Though he occasionally gets disgruntled with his writing career, John is always grounded by his family and friends. Open to whatever opportunities come his way, John is happy to embrace change and take on new responsibilities.

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