John Grimes
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John Grimes

Black Hawk Down

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About Him

Grew Up… believing the commercials. Grimes joined the Rangers so that he could be a part of the action, not just sit around and fetch people food and drinks. As he puts it, “I made coffee through Desert Storm. I made coffee through Panama while everyone else got to fight, got to be a Ranger. Now it’s ‘Grimesey, black, one sugar,’ or ‘Grimesey, got a powdered anywhere?’”

Living… through his first battle. Grimes picked one hell of a day to make his battlefield debut. What started as a routine mission in war-torn Somalia turned out to be an overnight stand-off.

Visiting… the war-torn city of Mogadishu, Somalia. Grimes is part of a team sent to capture two of the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s top men from the city.

Profession… U.S. Army Ranger, one of the “elites” as Staff Sergeant Eversmann likes to say. Though Grimes is well-trained, he’s not as experienced as the other men on the mission. His fellow soldiers poke fun of him. Eversmann tells him, “Grimes, the most important thing – whenever everyone else is shooting, shoot in the same direction.”

Challenge… surviving his first real day on the battlefield. Grimes and the rest of his fellow Rangers are in a difficult spot: they’re trapped in a dilapidated city, surrounded by hostile militants who want nothing more than to kill them. He’s up for the fight of his life.

Personality… bumbling and funny. Grimes is the object of much derision – but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a worthy, loyal soldier. Soldiers like to rib each other, and Grimes takes the abuse good-naturedly.

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