John Gray
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John Gray

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About Him

Grew Up… in circumstances more humble than the ones he has now. He had five brothers, and his mother supported them by being a checkout clerk.

Living… in wealth and luxury of New York City.

Profession… Wall Street commodities broker, selling things back and forth in an endless game. John takes the idea of game and control into his private life, too.

Interests… blindfolds, whips, chains, and strawberries. And he’s recently found a new romantic partner who apparently likes the same things – Elizabeth, an art gallery assistant he ran into at a street market.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Elizabeth. John has slowly been escalating their sex life, going from simple blindfolds to public sex. So far, Elizabeth has done everything he’s asked of her. Their sexual chemistry is out of this world, and John continues to dream up new games for them to play.

Challenge… keeping Elizabeth along for the ride. So far, she’s been everything he’s ever dreamed of. But as the stakes get higher, will she back out? John knows there might be a breaking point. He just doesn’t know what that is.

Personality… mysterious, demanding, and elusive. John likes to be in control at work and in the bedroom. 

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