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John Fitzgerald

The Revenant

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Grew Up… on the American Frontier. Fitzgerald’s distrust of the Native Americans was ingrained in his from an early age, and further exacerbated when he was partially scalped by Native American warriors. But he lived to tell the tale.

Living… under siege. After Native American warriors assaulted and killed most of Fitzgerald’s trapping party, the survivors escaped in their boat. They eventually decided to abandon the boat and hide the furs until they can return to claim them later. Fitzgerald is enraged by this decision because it means he will possibly be forfeiting his payment for this death-defying expedition. Add to the mix Fitzgerald’s rivalry with experienced frontiersman Hugh Glass – whose decisions are far more trusted than Fitzgerald’s – and all of the bloodshed and commotion, and it’s clear why Fitzgerald is having a very bad week.

Profession… trapper for hire. Captain Andrew Henry hired Fitzgerald to help hunt for pelts in the dangerous frontier woods. And now Fitzgerald regrets it, because he doesn’t take much pride in his work. He just wants to live to spend the money.

Interests… spending money on drink and prostitutes, enjoying the simpler pleasures in life, and surviving the expedition – even at the expense of his partners.

Relationship Status… single. Fitzgerald is a hard-hearted man, whose experience with women only goes as far as the “business transactions” he has had with prostitutes.

Challenge… surviving the American wilderness, the assaulting Native American warriors, and the vengeful fury of Hugh Glass – not to mention the wild population of grizzly bears who roam this territory. The life of a bitter fur trapper has never been easy.

Personality… selfish, unsympathetic, and vicious. Fitzgerald kills without a second thought. His favorite kind of killing is the killing of Native Americans. Hugh Glass travels alongside his Native American son, another reason that Fitzgerald hates Glass.

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