John Egbert

John Egbert


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... an ordinary life, with a completely embarrassing father and his completely embarrassing collection of harlequin clowns.

Visiting... the Land of Wind and Shade, a mysterious other world. John is transported there after he downloads SBURB, a video game he received for his 13th birthday. He soon discovers not only a plethora of video game monsters, but also that he’s gained video game powers of his own. Despite his glee at this new world, SBURB may be more sinister than any game John's played...

Profession... unlikely hero. In SBURB, he takes on the title Heir of Breath, which gives him the power to control wind – if, that is, John can master his powers.

Interests... magic tricks, pranks, video games, and Nicolas Cage films. John is Nic Cage's biggest fan. While his enthusiasm can't be denied, John's taste is often questionable – worshipping, for example, Con Air as masterpiece of cinematic taste and genius.

Relationship Status… single, and not really interested. While the rest of his friends are flinging themselves into teenage romances, John's opinion is, "Who cares about all of that? Romance and dating are dumb and boring. We are legendary heroes, and we have bigger fish to fry."

Challenge... surviving SBURB. From meteors bombarding his house to monsters intent on mindless destruction, John hardly has a moment to rest, and even his newfound powers may not be enough to stop an impending apocalypse.

Personality... cheerful, mischievous, and endlessly idealistic. Considered a hopeless dork by most (or rather, all) of his friends, John might be occasionally immature, but his optimism also helps him balance out his less stable friends. While his fellow SBURB players are busy crossing and double-crossing each other, John doesn't see the point of their machinations: "these cat and mouse games are so dumb, you know we’re just going to all be friends at some point anyway."


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