John Creasy
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John Creasy

Man on Fire

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About Him

Living… in a state of disillusionment. Creasy hadn't had a job for eight months and has just been wandering around. He was in Colombia but nothing seemed interesting, so he came to Mexico City to see his military buddy, Rayburn, and find work. 

Profession… former CIA officer and Marine. He has taken a job being a bodyguard to Samuel Ramos's daughter, Pita. Samuel has a policy that covers him and his family and it runs out in sixty days. Without a bodyguard, he won't be able to renew it. Creasy has his work cut out for him. In Mexico City, there's been 24 kidnappings in the last six days.

Interests… drinking. Creasy feels guilty about some things that happened when he was a special agent. He has been turning to the bottle to drown his sorrows.

Relationship Status… impossible to maintain, with his condition and lifestyle. He drinks too much to even have friends or a romantic relationship. He spends all his time with Pita, a nine year-old girl. She's fallen in love more times than he has.

Challenge… keeping Pita safe. At first, Creasy wasn’t sure he could handle working with a precocious young girl like Pita. She asks too many questions, and he is not usually very good around children. But he has grown close to Pita and would do anything for her. 

Personality… depressed and cynical but still as tough as nails. Creasy is not someone you want against you. He is a “man on fire” who will stop at nothing to protect the ones he cares for – including killing. His friend Rayburn describes him best: "Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece."

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