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John Clasky


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Living... in Los Angeles with his wife, two children, and his wife's mother Evelyn. Their house is constantly in chaos. Deb’s mother, a former jazz singer, is not much help and is constantly drunk. To alleviate some of the madness, they have recently hired a caregiver and housekeeper named Flor who is quite helpful but sadly does not speak a word of English.

Visiting... the beach where he spends a lot of time bodysurfing with his kids. His wife and him decided to get a beach house for the summer, and have brought Flor with them.

Profession... chef and owner of a restaurant, which recently got a four-star rating. Although this is a dream for most chefs, he's not quite happy about it. John previously worked at a four-star restaurant in New York that lost its inspiration after getting the rating. He hopes history won’t repeat itself.

Relationship Status... pretty rocky. Deb lost her job 10 months ago and is not handling it well – she's either yelling at everyone or crying for six hours straight. Deb is so unhappy that she even cries during sex.

Challenge... figuring out how to interact with Flor. She is drop-dead gorgeous, and happens to live with him right when his marriage is falling apart. Staring at her is the only thing that makes any sense to John.

Personality... even-tempered. His wife sometimes begs him to stop being so stark-raving calm. But, in his house, someone has to be the sane one.

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