John Cage
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John Cage

Ally McBeal

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About Him

Living… in Boston with his pet frog called Stefan who can perform many impressive tricks.

Profession… litigator at Boston law firm, Cage & Fish, which he founded with Richard Fish. The two of them couldn’t be more different. While John is awkward, sensitive, and introspective, Richard is smooth, ambitious, crude, and shallow. But the two clearly have one thing in common: they are both great litigators.

Interests... Barry White, who is John’s idol and muse. Without his musical inspiration, John is completely impotent both inside the courtroom and out. One of John’s inspirational techniques is standing in front of the mirror in his work bathroom and dancing to White’s lyrics, “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything.”

Relationship Status... single. John doesn’t get out of the office much, so the women in his life tend to be the female lawyers at the firm. In a moment of weakness, he also sought company with a prostitute and came close to getting disbarred. Luckily, he had another lawyer at his firm who had dirt on the judge who got the case dismissed. It seems the most loyal companion for John is his pet frog. They’ve been together longer than he has been with anyone else.

Challenge… the most difficult cases. John is famous for his theatrical courtrooms tactics, but his style is underwritten by substance. He’s very knowledgeable about the law and a gifted courtroom speaker, delivering eloquent well-crafted closing arguments and picking apart witnesses with ease. He is the attorney to turn to when all the cards are stacked against you.

Personality… quirky but wise. John’s unconventional habits include flushing the toilet in the bathroom with a remote control before coming in because he likes a “fresh bowl.” He has a stutter that he manages by saying the word “Poughkeepsie." And he somehow can make his nose whistle. These quirks help makes him very accessible and down-to-earth despite the power he has at the firm. He also has an arsenal of catch phrases and pearls of wisdom that always put things in perspective. We’ll leave you with one of his nuggets to ponder: “The world is no longer a romantic place. Some of its people still are however, and therein lies the promise. Don’t let the world win.”

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