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Living... in Philadelphia, but he had to leave in a hurry. John found out some things he shouldn’t have, and now some dirty cops are trying to kill him – and they came pretty close already. He got shot, and couldn’t even go to the hospital for fear they’d find him. So now he’s on the run, trying to find somewhere to hide where the corrupt cops wouldn’t think to look for him.

Visiting... rural Amish country. He's staying with Rachel, an Amish widow who had come to the station with her son Samuel. Samuel witnessed a murder and identified the suspects, who turn out to be John’s fellow cops. Now they want Samuel and John dead. So John and Rachel need each other – John needs her to help him hide out until he recovers, and Rachel needs him to protect her son. 

Profession... police officer. But he is on the run after finding out that some of his fellow officers committed murder, and that 55 confiscated gallons of P2P have gone missing. John is out to expose them – if they don't kill him first.

Relationship Status... single, but slowly getting interested in Rachel. She didn't like him at first and called him agaanisish, which he assumes is not a good thing. Over time, she has started to warm up to John, and he has learned to understand her world a little better. But the relationship is complicated given their different worlds. As John once puts it, “If we'd made love last night I'd have to stay. Or you'd have to leave.” 

Challenge... keeping Samuel and Rachel safe as he figures out how to stop the dirty cops who are after them. At first John's goal was to convince Rachel to allow Samuel to testify as a potential witness, but now the situation has escalated well past that. The men after John have no intention of letting anything get to a courtroom. Amish country has made for a very nice hideout for John as he recovers from his wounds, growing closer to Rachel and learning from her and her people. But some violent, determined, and well-connected men are after them, and until they are neutralized nobody is truly safe – not even on an Amish farm.

Personality... capable, cocky, and cynical. But Rachel is a good influence on him. John is a better man in Amish country.

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