John Beckwith
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John Beckwith

Wedding Crashers

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About Him

Living… alongside his partner in crime, Jeremy Grey, in Washington D.C. The two abide by teachings brought to them by a legendary womanizer named Chazz Reinhold. John and Jeremy get together every weekend, put on their nicest suits, and crash weddings. They develop elaborate backstories and fake names to help them charm women into sleeping with them. Let’s just say, business is very good. But when John and Jeremy crash the wedding of U.S. Treasury Secretary William Cleary’s daughter, the two get in over their heads with Cleary’s other two daughters, Claire and Gloria.

Profession… divorce mediator. Along with Jeremy, the personable duo is a good fit to resolve divorces. They seem to view marriage as kind of a silly concept in the first place, so what’s the sense in getting all emotional and argumentative about its end? Of course, their generally negative view of marriage does nothing to diminish their love of weddings – and crashing them.

Interests… helping craft the perfect wedding toast, and dancing at receptions. The latter is best done with children or old women, to appear sensitive in the eyes of possible sexual partners.

Relationship Status… very single. John is a bachelor of the highest order – or at least that’s what he’d like to think. He and Jeremy have developed a fool-proof system, which always lands them with beautiful women falling backwards onto their beds. But lately, John is starting to wonder whether his current life is too shallow.

Challenge… landing Claire Cleary. John had thought he wanted to continue playing the field for as long as he could, picking up new women each week and to keep things fresh. But when he meets Claire during her sister’s wedding, John begins to question his entire existence as a player. But even putting aside that Claire already has a serious (and quite violent) boyfriend, John would have to reveal that he’s not even who he said he was – since she didn’t really meet “John Beckwith” but rather one of his wedding-crasher alter-egos. Good luck climbing out of that hole.

Personality… confident, funny, and the life of the party. John has no problem walking into a wedding reception where he literally knows not a single person, and convincing people that he’s the most interesting man in the room. John is an expert liar who trades in deception. Now that he’s trying to go “legit” to land Claire, however, he’s finding it difficult to unravel all the lies he’s told.

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