Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert

    Monster (TV Show)

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with his twin sister, Anna Liebert. The circumstances of Johan's childhood are as mysterious as he is, but whatever happened to him as a child must have certainly been traumatic. How else, after all, to explain what he's become?  

Living… despite the odds. When 10-year-old Johan goes into Eisler Memorial Hospital, his foster parents have been murdered, his sister struck speechlesss, and his head shot through with a bullet. However, by the efforts of skilled doctor Kenzo Tenma, Johan manages to survive. Nine years later, Johan still feels indebted to the doctor, thinking of Tenma as "the one who resurrected me."

Profession… law student and criminal mastermind. By day, Johan is merely another student – albeit a highly talented one – at the University of Munich. But when he's not doing homework, Johan is busy manipulating the criminal world of Germany and Eastern Europe.

Interests… murder, psychologically breaking people, and philosophy. Johan's a young man of high culture and tastes, and while he's certainly capable of it, he prefers not to directly kill. It's much more interesting, after all, to drive his victims to suicide themselves.   

Relationship Status… single. Johan is attractive enough to have admirers of all genders. But while he's fine with using his looks to manipulate others, he doesn't seem to have strong emotions for anyone other than his sister and Dr. Tenma.

Challenge… setting up his final massacre. Ever since meeting Tenma, Johan has had a clear goal: dying by the doctor's hand. But first, however, everything has to be set up properly. Johan wants "the scenery for a doomsday" to be perfect, and there are faces from his past he'd like to make part of it...

Personality… philosophical, charming, and coldly sociopathic. Beautiful, intelligent, and polite, Johan easily wins others over – but beneath his soft-spoken facade lies the calculating mind of an experienced killer. Serene in his belief that "most of the universe is just death," Johan seeks to die himself, and he's unbothered by the people he has to manipulate or kill to set up his perfect suicide.


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