Joey Gladstone
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Joey Gladstone

Full House

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About Him

Living... in San Francisco with his friends, Danny and Jesse, and Danny's children: D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. After Danny’s wife dies, Joey agrees to move into his house to help raise the three girls.

Profession... stand-up comic. Joey also tries his hand at other entertainment jobs, such as writing jingles for commercials with Jesse. He even has his own children's television show for a while, where he plays host Ranger Joe with his loud-mouthed puppet sidekick, Mr. Woodchuck.

Interests... cartoons. A major part of Joey's stand-up routine involves impressions of various cartoon characters and making fun of the fact that he still watches these TV shows as an adult. He may be more immature than most men his age, but he uses his childish interests to make a living and to bond with Danny's girls. As he puts it, "Cereal, pajamas, cartoons…this is why God invented Saturday mornings."

Relationship Status... single. Joey enjoys casual dating but doesn't like to commit to long-term relationships. He has been involved with multiple women, but prefers to relish his bachelorhood and the freedom it gives him to pursue his entertainment dreams.

Challenge... being taken seriously in spite of his goofy personality. Because he is funny and immature for a living, Joey has trouble turning off his sense of humor, and fears that he is unable to be genuine when necessary. However, comedy is simply his approach to dealing with everyday life, which he realizes is not a bad thing.

Personality... goofy and immature, but selfless. Although he sometimes doubts his importance, Joey often proves that he is a vital part of the family. He is extremely giving, willing to help with any task around the house, and he devotes a great deal of time to taking care of Danny's daughters. Despite his humorous persona, Joey offers legitimately sound advice, such as: "Life is short and you should really go for your dreams or you've got no reason to get up in the morning and scratch yourself." He is very caring, and proves that laughter really can be the best medicine.

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