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Radio Days

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Grew Up… in Rockaway Beach, Queens, during the Great Depression. Joe’s family was poor, but happy, or so his mother claimed. He remembers it a bit differently though: his parents “could find an argument in any subject.”

Living… in a crowded house, where he spends most of his time listening to the radio. To Joe’s family, the radio is a portal through which they can escape their monotonous lives into the glamorous, luxurious world of Manhattan, which was physically nearby but often seemed faraway.

Profession… schoolboy and Hebrew school student. Like many young boys, Joe is never much taken with his Rabbi’s dull lessons. Rather than paying attention in class, Joe spends most of his time daydreaming.

Interests… the Masked Avenger radio program. Joe would never miss an episode of The Masked Avenger, whom he idealizes as the ultimate superhero. He likes to sport his Masked Avenger hat and goggles when playing with his schoolmates.

Challenge… listening to as much radio as possible (without getting into trouble with his parents). Joe faces the same difficulties as everyone else from his generation: the Depression, then the War, and the many ways these things affect everyday life. And like seemingly everyone else, he just wants to lose himself in his favorite programs.

Personality… troublemaking, unfocused, and lost in the fantasies of youth. Joe is a typical Depression-era whippersnapper. But although he often gets into trouble, he generally means well. He’ll likely recall his youth more fondly than with regret.

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